Craft Tights to get you through the winter.

Craft Bike Bib Long Tights

The people at Craft were cool enough to send me a pair of the Elite Bike Bib Long Tights to get me through the cold winter months in Chicago.  In the past I’ve been wearing regular winter tights under my bib shorts, well that practice will be no more.  I took these things out the other day in 30 degrees temps with a substantial 10mph wind and I was actually too warm.  Everything on the front of these bibs is windproof, a must in the Chicago cold.  These things seemed to fit perfectly.  The stirrups around my feet kept any gaps from forming between the bottom of the tights and my socks, an issue I usually have when I wear standard tights.  The price on these guys is a little steep at $249.99 (check them out here), but for anyone riding in the winter months it is well worth it.  I’ll do a few follow up posts as the temperatures drop up here, but since I try to outside as much as possible in the winter I expect these things to get a lot of wear.


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