Bigfoot Sprint Tri RR

Alright….Bigfoot Triathlon, better late than never.  I like this race.  My company puts it on.  They got me a hotel up there.  Lake Geneva is really nice.  The course is awesome. It’s always fun.  The 2 days before the race I worked packet pickup.  Everyone who participates in triathlons needs to pick a race and at the minimum volunteer.  What goes on behind the scenes to make everything go right is pretty crazy.  A lot of people do a lot of work to make sure all you have to think about is the race, so to my coworkers and all the other volunteers and race employees out there…thank you.

I only do the sprint here to take into account the 2 straight days of standing I do before the race starts.  I also like to red line the engine every now and then and this is a good time.  I went into the race with the plan to leave everything I could on the bike, and see how I could run after.  I just started training with power and what it has shown me is when I used to think I was going hard…I could have gone harder.  So, I just wanted to see what happened if I red lined for 30 min or so.  Other than that there was no real strategy, just get up and go.

The swim started out pretty well.  I put myself in the second row behind a young kid who looked like he could swim.  He started out pretty quick, to the point I had to push a little more than I wanted to catch his feet.  I sat behind him and felt pretty good about his pace and figured I’d let him pull me the whole time.  Unfortunately for me, and him, he started out a bit too fast and his pace came rapidly crashing down.  Add in the fact he wasn’t swimming a very smart or straight line I decided to go it on my own.  I moved to his inside shoulder and passed him pretty easily.  Thanks to Kimberly Shah at Injoy racing for snagging this shot of the pass.

The Pass

So I’m off on my own, no big deal.  The swim felt pretty easy and I was 10:49 out of the water, which was good for the fastest swim of the day.

Now transition is where I really dominated some folks, not to brag or anything, but seriously.  T1 took 1:52 seconds, there were only 2 other guys under 2 min, everyone else was 2:15+.  I was pretty happy with T1 and was excited to get on the bike.

Once on the bike I kept my word and hammered a 286 watt average.  This was good for the second fastest bike split of the day, but what’s really funny is it was only 23 mph.  Between the hills and the wind it was just that tough of a course.  Check out the guys in the Olympic race, their course is only 38km instead of 40, and only 7 of those guys were under and hour, with the fastest at 57 min.  The course is tough, but pretty nice.  When we came back for our post-race meeting my suggestion on the bike course was to move some of the directional signs out further in front of the turn.  I just felt they were to close and didn’t give a rider enough warning, so it was a good advantage to have raced there before.

Back in transition I managed to outwork all but one other competitor and get myself onto the run very quickly.

The run at Bigfoot is a trail run, and there had been some hard rain the few days before.  I knew the guys had spent A TON of time out on the course getting it drained and filling spots, so I knew the course would be in pretty good order.  I also had the advantage of going through first, before it got sloppy.  I pushed the run hard knowing there are always some fast older dudes at this race who start in waves behind me.  I didn’t wear a Garmin for the run cause I just wanted to hammer.  I get caught up looking at pace and such during runs, so for this race I didn’t bother.  The run course was also littered with coworkers who made a special point to gather crowds of people to cheer.  This gave me a good lift, thanks guys.  The run was hot but shaded, so not too bad.  There was only one really muddy spot and I pushed through with very little problem.  I hit the line first, waited for the 2nd and 3rd place guys to cross, and trotted over to transition just in time to see one of my athletes complete her first transition of her first triathlon ever.  I came back to check the results and found that I was able to fend off some of the older guys to take the overall win!

All and all it was a great day.  We spoke in our post-race wrap up meeting about the need for more bathrooms.  Apparently the park was supposed to have their bathrooms open but didn’t.  Not sure if it would have helped a ton, and not to use it as an excuse, it’s our responsibility and we have noted it for next year.  Anyway, congrats to everyone who came and raced!!


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