Hey!! Chicago Tribune, stop being a bunch of ass hats…

Chicago Marathon had to postpone registration today, which is pretty unfortunate considering what happened last year. I’m sure that decision wasn’t easy and was only made because it was the best thing to do (I have a slight insight to this having worked in race production for a few good years). With that in mind why does the Chicago Tribune have to be a bunch of ass hats about it? The title of the article by Philip Hersh is “More registration problems for Chicago Marathon” which just seems to have a dick head implication. They’ve had one problem with registration that I can remember in the…ummm how many years of running? Not to mention, how much money does that event bring to this city? Then there is the photo. Really, a SWAT officer with a few blurred runners in the background was the only stock photography could could find? Give me a break. Not sure what the Tribune was going for here but come on man…

Official Release from BOA Marathon:



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