Is it time for a Stages?

The Stages power meter came on the market just a few short years ago and has transformed the idea of training with power. In the past, any sort of power meter was going to cost you upward of $2,000. Enter Stages, and now you have power available for as little as about $700. As we head into the winter months training with power can really increase your training results. Being able to train with power, especially power based in the crank arm, gives a cyclist an absolute answer to the ‘how hard am I training conundrum. Being able to compare power data with other metrics such as heart rate give an athlete a real idea of how much work they are doing while they are training, what kind of shape their body is in, and .
I refer to the power meter as the great equalizer among athletes. If I was to go for a ride with a couple friends and we all do the same course in the same time we will all have the same average speed. Even though our speed may be the same, we have all actually done very different levels of work. The power meter is able to show me exactly how much work I did and paired with other information, can tell me how hard that work was on my body. For example, if my buddy Verdo and I go for a 2 hour ride and we average the same speed. I will actually do a lot more work than Verdo because I am 190 pounds vs Verdo who is 160 pounds. That information would be reflected in the average wattage I had to maintain in order to complete the ride.
What are watts? Watts refer to how much force a rider is putting onto the bike to make it go. Wattage is a unit of horsepower, where 746 watts = 1 horsepower (technically 745.699872 but we rounded up).
The great thing about Stages is it opens the power meter market up to any athlete, no longer just the elite in ability or the elite in wealth. People’s misconception that they are only for professional athletes is beginning to be destroyed, as athletes everywhere realize that anyone who has a goal on a bicycle can benefit from using a power meter in their training. The power meter can provide great data for you, or your coach to analyze and track your progress over time. If you have a goal on a bicycle, and plan on training this winter to achieve it, it’s time to stop in the shop and check out the Stages power meters.


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