Swimming Fast and Slow

At this point you are either firmly into your off season weight gain, or you’re already back to the well working toward next year’s goal. Either way, the time is upon us to make some major changes in the training cycle.

One mistake I see a lot of people make in their swim training is to continually pump out long and slow swim sets. A lot of people/coaches/tri programs do not have a swim background, and the results are insanely boring sets that look like 4 x 600 or 3 x 800 and make me want to fall asleep just typing them. I get it, the swim leg is the shortest leg and for a lot of people it’s just about survival, but dedicating just a few minutes each swim session to swimming fast can really help improve your swim ability.

It blows my mind that athletes will accept the fact you need to do speed and interval workouts to be a faster runner, but they won’t apply the same logic in the pool. Taking 10-15 minutes at the end of each swim workout to crank out some 25’s or 50’s as fast as you can possibly go with a good amount of rest is all you need to get started on building your swim speed.

Happy Hunting

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