About Eric Turner

I was born in Dayton, Ohio on August 28th, 1984.  I was a competitive swimmer all through high school (NISCA All-American), and even did a few triathlons along the way.  After high school I went on to swim at Auburn University.  Upon retiring from swimming I stopped working out, kept eating everything in sight, and began drinking fairly heavily.  By 2008 I weighed about 260 pounds.  It was then I decided I needed a change, by 2009 I had jumped back into the triathlon world.  Today I am living in Chicago, Illinois and training as much as I can.  I am weighing in right around 185 pounds and have gone from eating Taco Bell 8 times a week to eating an almost entirely plant based diet (I try).



2 thoughts on “About Eric Turner

  1. Hey Eric,
    Found your Blog through the ChiTri site while searching for Age Group blogs and resources for training ideas. Congrats on your health and wellness transformation! I went plant-based in Oct of 2012 and am happy to say I’ve been Whole-Foods, plant perfect since.

    How do you approach your “in-race” fueling? Do you use the commercial energy products or do you have your own formula?

    Good luck on your 70.3’s and World Team quests!



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